Fully localized custom document management solution

It is a special version of the Document Managment Software based on the Open AlFresco platform for managing documents in the process of distributing and collecting postal items and other documents and their electronic translation.

The project was designed for HBIS Group Iron & Steel d.o.o Serbia based on their specific requirements.

The application processes the complete postal communication with the company's clients through the internal Office in such a way that each received/sent consignment / document is digitized and thus delivered to the final destination internaly or externaly.

Over 1000 inbound and 500 outbound and internal documents are processed daily with complete digitization and storaging on the local e-Archive.

There are several Work Flows built for document’s processing with user’s rights and obligations for validation. A separate segment of the application processes financial documents with levels of delegation and validition. Inbound and outbound company emails are also processed where each document received or sent by e-mail is processed and stored separately.

Basic functionalities:

  • Electronic seduction of each document through ePTTBook
  • Forwarding and colecting of business documents via the application to/from 45 factory locations
  • Invoice and output invoice processing, digitization and archiving
  • Automatic processing, further distribution and archiving of official incoming, outgoing and internal emails
  • Integration with other digitalization processes - possible ERP integration
  • E-Archive - Complete search of the entire company business correspondence and official documentation

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