Artificial intelligence assistant

The basis of the technical solution is to support active customer service on the client's WEB / Mobile applications by integrating ChatBot technology based on known information from existing user instructions of those applications.

The basic element of the solution is a Chat Server application with active Operators and API services on NLP Agents (Bot). Chat application is not internally developed but used one of the ones offered on the market with the purchase of one-time licenses for use and without branding conditions.

The second element is the NLP Agent with several levels of Knowledge Base according to the areas of coverage - sites / user guides.

Live-Operators are defined in the system depending on the given algorithm of system functioning, the need for their assistance and the way of learning NLP Agents actively.

Basic functionalities:

  • Support when logging into the client's WEB portal
  • Support after logging in and logging into the client's public part of ERP
  • Support for browsing the client’s WEB Portal
  • Support for using the client's Android mobile application

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