SEMINAR eBusiness SW aplications





We are proud to report that our company, in cooperation with the organization 'Seminars of Serbia', held a free seminar on the subject of 'Electronic Business' with live presentation of SW Application eAdminOffice based on AlFresco Document Management System developing platform.

The seminar was attended by the: Ministry of Economy, Serbian Ministry of Finance, the Military Intelligence service, Secretariat of Finance, Belgrade City Administration, and many other significant guests in order to educate themselves in the area of administration and business digitization.

Olga Zorić, Consultant for Seminars of Serbia, was talking about the real application of electronic business in practice, in accordance with legeslation, eSecurity - a challenge that will mark the next decade, the rules and regulations relevant to e-business as well as the creation of new and modification of existing internal normative acts.

Appearing not only as a representative of our company, but also their long-time expert consultant Vojkan Stanković explained the whole concept and give examples of operational eBusiness, clarifying the new law on eDocument and Services of Confidence in electronic commerce as well as the steps to be taken towards effective digital transformation.

Our CEO Mr Gvozden Marinković continued on the topic from the perspective of experts and programmers and explained how a Document Management System works, how it is implemented, the importance and benefits of use of such software in practice.

In the end, we came to the part where our colleagues Stefan Jemuović and Jelena Jovanoski made a short demonstration where seminar attendees could get a glimpse of practical application, possibilities and functionalities of such Document Management System software our company ++ NT created and in whose development they participated!

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