MedicalPass - Our First Project with VDEL





Do you remember that last time we praised our cooperation with the Austrian company VDEL, which is a master distributor of Alfesco's solutions?

Well, we have another update about the project itself we would like to share with you, and now, with more details.

We are invited to create a multi-platform mobile application (android and IOS), for Medical Passport project, ie electronic Medical Card, where we will provide patients with a secure, reliable, easy to use mobile application which allows them to view, store, share and manage their documents as well as other relevant information regarding their health issues.

Working with Alfresco technologies we are also implementing different deployment strategies (.zip and Docker container based) and deployment procedures for desktop and mobile application.

Every day we improve our knowledge of DMS systems, learn new things and discover interesting ways to use Alfresco solutions. We hope that this project seems as interesting to you as it did to us, and this was certainly a way to brag a little!

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