HBIS Document Management Project Finished!





On-time and in the budget!

Training sessions already started and go Live follows in January 2020.

We are all very excited about this because a great joint work of our colleagues and friends from the HBIS company and ours Team, will have final confirmation only after its successful operational usage.

Anyhow, we are very grateful to everyone who helped us complete the project on time.

We are very grateful to our IT colleagues and colleagues in the Legal and Financial sectors. We are especially grateful to the dear lady colleagues from the MailOffice with whom we spent most of our time.

The following is the beginning of the operational use of the application where we plane to provide daily technical support. Preparing to this, even one of our programmers will arrive at work at half past 8 in the morning to be available to customers during their business hours. A developer working from pole 8, hm... you have to admit, presents a very rare situation.

Also, we are preparing a special presentation of the completed project to high management of the HBIS company where our guests will be local representatives and managers of the Chinese company owner. It is a great honor for us.

In any case, we looking forward to future work and new projects with HBIS company. It will be our pleasure and joy to work again with these colleagues and friends. We are more than convinced that each of the following will be completed in an agreed manner by working together and with full understanding.

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